"My Woestijn"

~The land of my rebirth, the land where after being lost for all of my life I found myself for the first time. The land of sun and and forever shifting sands beneath my feet, as I walked barefoot and carefree through the dunes as far as the eye could see. Sunrises and sunsets, scorching suns and skies crammed with shiny stars. Mhamid el Ghizlane, My Woestijn.

M hamid Morocco

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My Corona Rap.

All we see when we look at our screen is about Corona and Covid-19 A global pandemic taken hold of our world The cause of which has not yet unfurled Some say its from China, manifested in bats It’s even been reported that it can be spread by cats Some say it’s from Donald, someContinue reading “My Corona Rap.”

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